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Song Lyrics & Poems from Virtual Scotland

Song Lyrics & Poems from Virtual Scotland

Virtual Scotland will be adding a large number of song lyrics shortly. Initialy I will be concentrating on Scottish songs and even some Gaelic songs (even though I do not have the Gaelic). If this section proves popular I may add more later from other bands and regions.

For now here is a poem:


We have also included a small collection of poems by other (non Scottish) authors in our article:-

Poems & Poetry from Virtual Scotland

We are currently working to add song lyrics of Scottish musicians/bands/artists etc. More will be added soon:

Song Lyrics of Scottish artists


Please call back soon as we are continually adding to this section.

If you have any material you would like to submit for inclusion in this section please contact us with the details and we will review the material and reply at the earliest opportunity. In the past we have published articles on our sites that have been picked up by major publishers!