Making your dog feel at home in the garden

Dogs that dig, run, and chew are not often compatible with carefully plotted yards, but you can create a garden that is hardy enough for your dog and delicate enough to nurture your gardener’s soul. Follow these tips to help build an outdoor oasis for you and your dog:

  • Use chicken wire to prevent digging. Lay down a sheet of chicken wire over the garden’s surface and allow plants to grow up through it, preventing your dog from digging.
  • Eliminate urine spots. Because dogs tend to urinate in the same area, high levels of salts in their urine cause brown spots on lawns and gardens. Rather than watering the entire lawn, wash down your dog’s favourite locations every two to three days.
  • Don’t use dog poo for compost. Because diseases such as E. coli can be transmitted through dog poo, dispose of your dog’s waste in a sanitary landfill instead.

What about you make your garden dog friendly because if your dog lover then you will want to make sure that you enjoy your garden with your dog. If you don’t need regarding my dog then it means that there will be indoors and you don’t really want them indoors all the time because there’s not due to have them outside and enjoying life


Keep them off the flower beds though


Dog and cat repellents work with some animals, but not all. The most effective way to keep dogs out of gardens is fencing. It doesn’t have to be 5-foot-tall stockade fencing, and can be temporary if you are also willing to put in some training time. A 2-foot-tall fence is enough to discourage most dogs. You should be out in the yard with your dogs, so you can redirect them if they charge into the fence.

Also, make other areas of the yard more dog friendly, perhaps with a doggie digging pit, some interactive play with balls or other fetch toys, a kiddie pool, and treasure hunts, where you throw out handfuls of small food treats and let your dogs hunt for them. Find a good positive trainer in your area if you want to invest the time in boundary-training your dogs.

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